Built For You Built for You

Fits Like a GloveAre you tired of trying to adapt solutions built for someone else? Inspection apps are either designed for traditional (non-rental) home inspections, or they're created for a single company and the unique way they do things. With over 20 years of experience, we've created the perfect rental inspection solution that covers all residential property managers!

With HERO Inspections, you can be assured it will fit you like a glove.

Super Simple Super Simple

An Old Guy Can Do ItDownload and install, or run in the cloud - there's nothing more you need to do. It's pre-configured with all the standard areas, rooms, and items that you need to inspect. Standard inspection types are already set up for you, the first time you log in. 

Just choose your property and begin selecting, tapping, and shooting to record the condition of everything you encounter, as you're guided through the home. Narrate or type details, as you compare the current condition to previous conditions. Sign off to finalize, and send the inspection to your office, owner, and/or tenant.

It's so easy, even an old guy can do it!

HTML5 Based HTML5 Web App

HTML5 Web AppDo you have a combination of iPads, Android tablets,and those folks who just can't get away from their laptop? The universal HTML5 Web App allows you to use whatever device you wish.

Your inspections are stored in the cloud, so you can start an inspection in the field and finish it in the office. Inspection reports are easily shared with owners and tenants via their portal (full version), or by email or Google Docs.

Powerful Configuration Insanely Powerful

Insanely PowerfulOne size never fits all. HERO Inspections gives you a ton of simple, self-learning, configuration options. You can define specific inspection instructions for each area and room type. Add things to look for that are specific to your company or your region. Create custom inspection types and inspection templates.

You can store unlimited photos and videos with each inspection, and make unlimited condition notes. Each inspection condition is compared to the previous condition. Do as many inspections as you want, as often as you want. There are no limits!

Totally Free Totally Free

Totally FreeWait...what? Totally free, forever?

One sunny day, we were all sitting around enjoying fine beverages and beautiful weather. We talked about what we could do to help property managers and introduce them to the joy of HERO PM. We already offered everyone a free lite version of our complete cloud-based software suite, fully featured but limited to 3 properties. We talked over a bunch of options to improve the lives of property managers even more, until one crazy idea popped up - why not just give away the inspection app?

So we created a lite version of the app that's already included with our full packages. And we give it to everyone, totally free, forever. You never have to buy anything.

Ready to Start?

All you need to do is create a login and get started! Help is available within the app, but it's so easy to learn, you may not even need it.

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